Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love is Battle-filled

"Love is a battlefield, those who want true love have to fight for it. Beyond differences created by humans such as caste, creed, country, religion, race and culture."  Santosh Kalwar

And thus the wisdom of man flows from his lips. Yet when I look at the first part this quote, "Love is a battlefield," I can't help but think about it's meaning and/or intention. Now I don't know much about Mr. Santosh Kalwar (besides what wikipedia tells me, which is very little), nor could I possibly know what he meant by such a statement. However, "Love is a battlefield, those who want true love have to fight for it" is fairly straightforward. Love isn't easy (to find or 'maintain') and it's (usually) a constant struggle.

Now, we as mankind long for companionship and to be loved, whether by our parents, our friends, or a significant other. I've never been in love, but I have a lot of people that I love, and I certainly love God. The battlefield of love for me is quite different from how the world would see it. They battle for love of men, seeking true love among each other (which they fail to realize they can't have True love outside of God). The battle I have with love is this:

Seeking to love my neighbors and fellow men, as well as seeking a godly relationship with a potential suitor who could become my husband later on, without letting that love distract me from loving God first and foremost. We are commanded to love each other (Mark 12:31) but  is it not true that we can do so to the extent of forgetting to love God? I know I have. I let the crush I had on a particular person consume me so much that I was seeking and dreaming of a loving relationship with him over furthering and deepening my love for and with God. Since then, I have confessed this sin, and only by the grace of God I haven't fallen into it again (I pray God keeps from ever falling into it again!). But for a Christian , the battlefield of love isn't finding someone to love and keeping that love alive, but it's loving others and not letting it get in the way of the most important love in our lives.

The love of Christ Jesus, our God and Saviour. We are to love others -- but never more than we love God.


Argentia Krystofel said...

I like you layout! Words of wisdom.

Mybheja said...

This is also what he says,

"I saw a dream. In my dream was Jesus. We both were going somewhere in a train. We were facing tough times because some evil humanly creatures had planted disastrous trip for both of us. But we managed to hide near the bushes. I woke up looking at his picture saying,"Our dreams are self-fulfilling reality."

Argentia Krystofel said...

Haha, my mom commented in my account. XD But, I agree with both her statements, so no big deal. ^.^

I completely understand what you mean; sometimes I can tell that I am becoming too wrapped up in my friendships and such and not realizing that God is the most important. Megan has told me before-"Always think about the One that gave you the object/person." Or something to that extent. XD